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The Best Part of Our Days is Being Around Those Who F&$! Up

I can’t speak for everyone else, but the best parts of my days is when I get to hear about other people’s misfortunes. Does that make me a bad person? No, the fact that I shoot stray cats makes me a bad person. Anyway, is there anything more grand than hearing about someone else’s wife being

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Facebook Trolling Humor

There is much to be said about a Facebook Troll. They are savvy, quick witted, and they are the Anti-I’m-Too-Serious-About-This-Post guy. That last one is the most important characteristic about the Facebook Troll. It’s a buffer for the extremists in this world. But when does the Facebook Troll take it too far? When they need

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Bill Burr and The Philadelphia Incident

Careers of the rich and famous, have moments that are remembered by the general public, then they have moments the public remember as career defining. This may be defined by a championship for a football player, or a blockbuster film for an actor, but for Bill Burr, a comedian, his championing moment was that of dismantling a crowd of drunk hecklers.