The Best Part of Our Days is Being Around Those Who F&$! Up

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but the best parts of my days is when I get to hear about other people’s misfortunes. Does that make me a bad person? No, the fact that I shoot stray cats makes me a bad person. Anyway, is there anything more grand than hearing about someone else’s wife being shacked up with a person they aren’t supposed to be? NO. If everything in life was “hunkey-dorey” (did I say that right?) then what would we talk about. How pleasant candles smell?

A lot of questions in that first paragraph. But If we are going to be up front, we like to hear happy endings, they make us feel good, but it’s the bad endings that create conversations. It’s the sad misunderstandings of life that give us life in communications. Water cooler talk about the game yesterday is fun, and appropriate, but if that is what every day consisted of we’d be missing an opportunity to speak on things that really entertain us.

Here is a few examples of things I’ve heard that were unfortunate for others. Now when I tell you these things, imagine if instead I was talking about the Cavaliers-Celtics game instead. A little compare and contrast should explain what I’m talking about…

A few coworkers of mine were caught sleeping with another coworkers wife. He found out after she was pregnant and texted a third coworker she didn’t sleep with that she doesn’t think the baby is her husbands but the child of coworker “A.” The Celtics won yesterday. See? Who cares about the Celtics.

Another example… A friend of mine went out drinking this weekend. When he was approached by cops he immediately tried to fight them. This obviously ended in him not winning and also being tasered. He defecated in his drawers while being tasered and that’s how we found him… The Yankees and Red Sox’s both look good this year. Again, the sports talk is boring.

I’m glad I could convert you all to team “misfortune for others.” So keep an eye out for things that suck in other people’s lives and remember to enjoy them!

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