Facebook Trolling Humor

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There is much to be said about a Facebook Troll. They are savvy, quick witted, and they are the Anti-I’m-Too-Serious-About-This-Post guy. That last one is the most important characteristic about the Facebook Troll. It’s a buffer for the extremists in this world. But when does the Facebook Troll take it too far? When they need to be buffered. That’s when a troll to a troll steps in.

Facebook comment comedy has an art to it. You need to comment as close to the time of the post hitting the news feed as possible. Otherwise you will just get lost in the never ending list of comments. For a troll this is extremely important. You need to be timely and be obvious to those who aren’t slow in the noggin’ that what you are saying is a joke.

Why is troll humor funny? Because, people who get serious about topics on Facebook are already in a never-win battle. So what happens when a troll steps in? It exploits that. It makes people who take things to serious frustrated, and it entertains those of us who don’t care. It’s the era of the troll because it’s the era of the extremists.

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