Is There Anything Better than A Comedian in the White House?

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Another year of the White House Correspondence Dinner passes… Who cares? Not me. I don’t even know what that is and there is no reason to ever know what that is. There is only so much an individual can learn in a day, and I refuse to waste my time looking that up. But there was an event that occurred with in that event that caught my attention.

Michelle Wolf showed up, as she was invited, and ended up destroying the current administration with jokes. Let me repeat that last part. WITH JOKES. We aren’t talking about violence, and not like she crashed the party and started making jokes. She was invited, to make jokes, and made jokes. What’s the issue with that? There isn’t, unless you were the butt of the jokes apparently.

One of the best jokes she said was when she said she can’t be shut up because she’s a woman in 2018, unless Michael Cohen wires her money. This was a joke about the Stormy Daniels-Trump escapades.

Michelle Wolf has been under attacks since this event, though we need to ask, why would you invite a comedian to dinner in hopes of them being politically correct? You don’t. Good for Michelle for doing what we all wanted her to do.

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